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Bank spots 7 - 12
Dougie's Gap to Upper Biggin

7 Dougie's Gap

A “secret” spot for some of the regulars.  You normally walk here either through the trees from the Cornfield or park at Car Park 6 and walk through the trees from there.  Many anglers only try here when the Cornfield or Lincroft are too busy and angling pressure has pushed the fish out.


A good, quiet spot that every so often holds a shoal of fish that no-one has discovered.

Lincroft is the section of bank in front of car park 6.  In high water conditions you will find it difficult to fish further to the right than the car park as the trees will go right down to the water’s edge. 


We recommend that you try as close to the copse of trees on the right hand side at first and then work your way left if you have no luck.  This area is known to hold stock fish in early season.

8 Lincroft

9 Lincroft Point

This area of bank is only properly fishable when the water levels drop, giving more back-casting space for the bank angler.  You can walk through the woods to access the water. 


The point itself is a great fishing spot, giving access to slightly deeper water near the bank and you can fan cast through about 230 degrees either towards Biggin or towards the Swan’s Nest. 

Croft Shoal is not too far away and food seems to be funnelled into this area as a consequence.  The downside is that this can become a popular spot for boat anglers and it’s not uncommon to reach here only to find a boat anchored or drifting close to the bank.


The area is a good fry-holding spot in the Autumn as there are usually weed beds close in to the bank.

10 Biggin Bay

Car park 7 is the first parking spot for Biggin Bay.  The bank section through the trees on your left, facing west, is rarely fished but can produce some unexpected catches. 


It is shallow and weeds up fairly quickly, requiring wading out quite a distance.  Boats often drift into the bank here, so you can be disturbed.

11 The Old Pipe

If you turn right when you walk down from car park 7 you’ll soon find the Old Pipe.  This is still part of Biggin Bay but one of the landmarks on this bank.  It is a prime spot and fishes well in most conditions but can colour up in strong south-west or westerly winds. 


This spot is great for early season buzzer fishing.  Either side of the Old Pipe there are different contours/depths of water and often one place holds the fish when the other has far less.

12 Upper Biggin/Dunn's

Beyond the Old Pipe there is a really good stretch of bank fishing.  The bank slightly arcs around so you sometimes find it easier to fish the lower end in south-westerly winds.  The top end is where Dunn’s bay starts and this has a section of slightly deeper water.  We recommend parking at car park 8 and fishing straight down in front of the car park, then working your way to the left if you have no takes.  The photo shows the view from car park 8 of Dunn's and the top of Biggin.


The water in this area stays clear for longer when the Old Pipe has clouded up and stays quite sheltered in some breezy conditions.  

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