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Fly tying library

We hold regular fly-tying events, both in-person and also online when there is interest from members.  We record many these events and this page has links to the videos that we have edited.  More patterns will be added when we've tied them!

There are many expert fly-tyers and trout anglers on YouTube who share their patterns and fishing methods.  Some of these fish Draycote on a regular basis.  You'll see others fishing Draycote in competitions.  We have curated a few of these links to share this knowledge. 

White Snake

This video shows the tying of a snake pattern that was very successful for the autumn fry-feeding part of the trout fishing season. The pattern would be useful at any stillwater with a trout population feeding on roach fry or sticklebacks.

Blue Flash Damsel

The video shows the tying of one version of a damsel nymph pattern suitable for fishing at Draycote and other trout stillwaters, but it also explores different materials that can be used to change/enhance the fly in different circumstances.

Dunkeld Sparkler

One of our favourite Dave Downie patterns we've used at Draycote, with a few variations on the pattern.

Kate Maclaren dabbler

Another good traditional pattern.  Dabblers are very effective in the late summer when the fish have seen too many blobs and lures.

The Steely Blue

This video discusses traditional wet fly patterns useful at Draycote.  It covers the tying of a pattern used in the past by anglers from Tittesworth reservoir, when that reservoir was a trout fishery.  We didn't want this pattern to be forgotten, so it was tied at a club event.

Sparkler Booby

Discussion of washing line fishing and an effective fly to hold up the nymphs on the droppers

Flyfishstore YouTube Page

The Fishery has it's own Youtube channel where it posts fly-tying and fishing techniques advice.  Click the button below to access this (opens in new page).

Other YouTube links

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