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Draycote FFA started 40 years ago and has been supported by a dedicated membership ever since. We are a friendly group of anglers who regularly fish at Draycote.

We hold evening matches in the spring and summer. The club also meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month November - March.

We welcome new members at any time. Everyone is welcome and we would encourage those who are starting in the sport to join us for freely given advice on the best places to fish and the methods that we used. You will soon pick up new ideas, fly patterns etc. from some very experienced anglers.

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River Fishing
Fishing Rods

Club Governance

The Club has a well-established set of Governance rules that you can obtain as a PDF from the link below.

We also abide by a code of conduct when on the water:

 1  Read and observe the rules of fishing

2.  Do have a regard for other amenity users and wildlife

3.  Do not encroach on your fellow angler

4.  Do dispose of litter correctly

5.  Do not discard nylon waste

Data Protection Policy

We comply with all data protection rules (GDPR).  If anyone wishes to see these rules they are contained in the attached document.

Safeguarding Policy

We are fully complaint with the Angling Trust Safeguarding requirements for contact with children and vulnerable adults.  Our main policy is that we do not allow club members to mentor children or vulnerable adults without additional parent or guardians present.  We do not provide regular teaching to children and so club members will self-certify when in contact with childen.  Our policies and reporting documents are accessible below.

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