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Competition Results and Awards

This section summarises all of the results for bank and boat fishing competitions in recent years.  Trophies and prizes are awarded in March for the previous season's results.

Cold, bright conditions  for the last match of the 2023 season, but some anglers found fish.  

Competition Winners 2023

Results for matches April -October 2023 (prizes to be awarded March 24)

Spring Pairs                  1st  Mike Nolan and Stephen Dewhurst (4 fish)

                                      2nd Kevin Jones and Richard Hanlon (3 fish)

Evening Matches          1st Paul Walley (16 fish)

                                      2nd Dave Adkins (9 fish)

Gordon Griffiths            No Result  

One fly Comp

John Hanlon Snr          1st John Hanlon & Sean Hanlon  (6 fish)

Memorial                       2nd Brian Froggatt and Adrian Burton  (4 fish)

Summer Boat              1st Mark Johnson-Jones and Dale Reeves (25 fish)

Day Match                   2nd Michael Hanlon and Will Hunt  (13 fish)

                                    3rd John Hanlon and Anthony Hart  (13 fish )

Autumn Boat                1st Paul Walley and Anthony Hart (10 fish)

                                     2nd John Hanlon and Brian Froggatt (9 fish)

Autumn Pairs               1st  Adrian Burton and Paul Walley (4 fish)

                                     2nd  Brian Allwood and Will Hunt (3 fish)

                                     3rd  Stephen Dewhurst and Michael Hanlon (3 fish)

Reg Lewis Trophy       1st Paul Walley (28 fish)

(Season total in           2nd Will Hunt (14 fish)

 individual matches)    3rd Mark Johnson-Jones (11 fish)

2023 Help for Heroes Open


h4h results 2023.jpg

Competition Winners 2022

Results for matches April -October 2022 (prizes were awarded March 23)

Spring Pairs                  1st  Stephen Dewhurst and Paul Walley (9 fish)

                                      2nd Mike Nolan and Paul Ward (4 fish)

Evening Matches          Joint winners Stephen Dewhurst and Les Lerigo (12 fish)

Gordon Griffiths            Stephen Dewhurst (3 fish) 

One fly Comp

John Hanlon Snr          1st Brian Froggatt and Mike Nolan  (6 fish First fish 9.31)

Memorial                       2nd John Hanlon & Sean Hanlon  (6 fish)

Summer Boat              1st John Hanlon and Kevin Jones (20 fish)

Day Match                   2nd Michael Hanlon and Will Hunt  (7 fish)

                                    3rd David Adkins and Anthony Hart  (6 fish )

 Half day                      1st Debbie Gilbert and Sean Gilbert   (5 fish)

                                    2nd Les Lerigo and Anthony Barrow  (4 fish) FF 9.31

                                    3rd Brian Allwood and Brian Froggatt (4 fish) FF 11.30

Autumn Boat                1st Mark Johnson-Jones (+ave) (12 fish)

                                     2nd Gary Turner and Will Hunt (9 fish)

Autumn Pairs                 Will Hunt and Kevin Jones (7 fish)

Season Comp                1st Will Hunt (25 fish)

                                       2nd Mark Johnson-Jones (22 fish)

                                       3rd = Stephen Dewhurst/Paul Walley(19 fish)

Best Rainbow               Paul Sly (9lb 8oz)

Best Brown                   Les Lerigo (6lb 8oz)

Prizes awarded March 2022

Competition Results for matches April -October 2021

Spring Pairs                  1st  Richard Hanlon and Paul Walley (14 fish)

                                      2nd Dave Adkins and Brian Froggatt (12 fish)

Evening Matches          Joint winners Anthony Hart and Paul Walley (10 fish)

Autumn Boat                 1st Mark Johnson-Jones and Adrian Burton (11 fish)

                                       2nd Keith Parris and Mark Windsor

Autumn Pairs                 David Rechtoric and Paul Walley (6 fish)

Season comp                 1st Paul Walley (29 fish)

                                       2nd Anthony Hart (19 fish)

                                       3rd Mark Johnson-Jones (17 fish)

The photos below show recipients of prizes for the 2021 season.

Boat comp winners

Brian Froggatt awards the trophy for the Autumn Boat Competition to Adrian Burton and Mark Johnson-Jones

Bank Comp winners

Brian Froggatt presents the Shield for the Evening Matches Competition to Anthony Hart and Paul Walley

Best fish winner

Ray Rouse won the cup for the biggest fish caught during the year.

Season winner

Paul Walley won the trophy for the best catch across all competitions fished in the 2021 season.

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