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Our mentoring programme is currently on hold until a new fishery leaseholder is found.  We hope to make similar arrangements as below with the new management team.


​Fishery Management Mentoring Programme

The Fishery Management Team run an excellent tuition day for beginners at Draycote (and another fishery, Eyebrook).  The link to these tuition days is here

Anyone who has participated in their tuition day is then eligible for extended support through a mentoring programme with our club.   Tuition for newcomers can be arranged, where experienced club members can offer help and guidance to give you the knowledge and skills to become a competent fly-fisher, on boats and fishing from the bank.  Mentors will assist in all disciplines including but not limited to:

  • Tackle & kit: choosing the right rod and lines for the conditions.

  • Use of floating, intermediate and sinking lines

  • Leader length and setup and tying droppers.

  • Casting, playing and landing fish.

  • Catch and release and dispatching.

  • Boat handling, covering safety and use of motors and kill switch.

  • Fishing methods including drifting using a drogue, back drifting and anchoring.

  • Understanding how wind and weather conditions affect line selection, fly leader and retrieve.

Once you have joined the club you can enquire about the availability of experienced anglers to provide this mentoring service.  The participants in the Fishery Management Tuition are given a code that provides a discount on a limited number of part-day boats and fishing tickets for use with this mentoring scheme.    This means Mentors are not charged extra to fish with their beginner. 

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